Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yeah, I totally tried that at home.

Throw the flour, or non-dairy creamer, or other powder in the air in a fine cloud; and light it with a match.  It'll go fooomph!  Please don't do this, for the love of god.
My mom doesn't read my blog, and should especially not read today's entry. Especially since she used to say "Play with fire, wet the bed," which none of my friends had ever heard before and thought was the funniest damn thing ever. But I had to try this out, with non-dairy creamer, which is surprisingly flammable if you do it right. (I did have enough sense to try it outside, so I didn't burn my house down...)

Mysterio shows kids the way to fake a surprise fire, in Questprobe #2 of all places. Also this issue: a pretty good recap of the then-current Spider-Man storylines, some nonsense related to a game you're never going to play, and some really subtle product placement:

I of course mean the kid referring to a Spaldeen brand ball.

Oddly, this is about the most effective I've ever seen Mysterio be; unless you count him giving Daredevil the what-for, which I don't. Here, he knocks out a quick, and surprisingly brutal trick:
I thought Mysterio maybe could've poisoned the needles Spidey mentions, but that would've triggered his Spider-sense.
From Questprobe #2, "Mysterio Times Two!" Written and pencilled by Al Milgrom, inks by Jim Mooney.


Dale Bagwell said...

Damn, Misterio makes starting a prison fire look so easy! I wonder if the Comics Code was worried there might be copy-cats. Oh well. ha!
I was a little young for Questprobe, but that doesn't make me appreciate Al Milgrom's art on this any less. He's what the current crop of today's artists should look at as an example of good, consistant, and quality work.

Pip the Mighty Squeak said...

My parents said the same thing when I was a kid about starting fires. After my brother and I almost burned down the house, it switched from "you'll wet the bed" to "we'll bleeping kill you." I have that Indiana Jones comic floating around here somewhere. I think I'll go read it.

Anonymous said...

i liked that they showed how clever mysterio was in his escape.

I think Mysterio was even more effective in his return to the role in ASM #197-200. He basically kicked spideys butt several times and escaped scott free.

Paladin from Prague