Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Twenty zombie books on the market...but the best of them is back!

Rabbi Sinnowitz hates Brother Voodoo.  And Robert Kirkman.  They know why.
From Xombi #17, "Hidden Cities, Chapter 1: Prophecies" Written by John Rozum, art by J.J. Birch. We've run this page before here, and it's from the old series, but Xombi is back! Returning writer and creator John Rozum and new artist Fraser Irving bring back the unkillable David Kim and throw him back in the weird end; and it's a damn good issue.

I do wish DC Comics would give this book a bit more of a push; maybe by getting reprints of the old series out there. I also really, really encourage you to give Xombi a try, if for nothing else, I'm tired of books I like getting cancelled. My pull list reads like a graveyard...

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