Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Hey, some stuff I haven't read either!

I am probably coming up on a "low-content" week or two here. Not because of burnout or anything; just some terribleness I have to deal with around here. But I still have a couple weeks of Wednesday's strips already set up, and still have Bastards of the Universe strips going at Poe Ghostal's.

And I did pick up another pile of cheap stuff from Hastings, on another sale: all three issues of Incredible Hulks: Enigma Force, a spin-off from the Hulk books and a stealth-relaunch pilot for the Micronauts. (The ones Marvel still has the rights for, that is.) Is it any good? Not twelve bucks worth, I bet, but quite probably two, which is what I paid for 'em!

Then there's some more Deadpool stuff, another issue of the "Fist of Khonshu" era of Moon Knight, and a Star Trek: Year Four trade! Set right after the Original Series went off the air, I had been considering this one, and when the price dropped to $2.79? Cheaper than an issue? Hell yes!

I'll let you know how this lot turns out later, but we'll have some other stuff between now and then.

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