Wednesday, April 06, 2011

"Son of Doom Idol."

Short one today, guys: I do these strips usually a week or two in advance, and I just started running again. And am in, to be charitable, agonizing pain. (I walk a lot, but my legs have to get used to running every year about this time.) Hopefully, by the time this post goes up, I'll be running a little more smoothly, as it were.

Plus, I'm still trying to figure out the finalists in the Doom Patrol's search for a replacement member. Maybe next time! In the meantime, a real issue of Doom Patrol comes out today, and there's only a couple left, so get them now! Check out the preview at Newsarama here!


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Alright! More DP Idol! So, just between you, me, and the breeze, who's going to be the finalist on DP Idol? I mean you have to have some line-up of finalists right?

About my new DCUC Hourman figure, he's great, but my only minor issue with him, is the lack of black shadow on the his mask/cowl. Traditionally he's drawn with it, so I don't know why the 4horsemen didn't include it. Again that's just a very minor flaw on an overall awesome figure. I highly recommend buying him. By the way, you don't happen to have an extra DCUC Dr.Fate or DCUC Wildcat figure laying around do ya?
Just asking. Thanks

SallyP said...

Hilarious as usual. And sorry about your legs. This is why I try to do as little exercise as possible.

googum said...

I hadda think about it; I wasn't even sure I ever saw a Wildcat or Dr. Fate. (I'm pretty terrible about cherry-picking figures and not picking up a whole line.) And one of the finalists is a recent, I better figure out the rest.

It just snowed, again; which is going to put running back a day or two. That may or may not be a good thing...