Friday, April 15, 2011

Retro Toy Week: Total Justice Aquaman!

Sometimes, you have a figure where you don't mind losing the accessories. Oh, I bet they're in a box somewhere, but we won't be digging them up: from 1996 and Kenner, Total Justice Aquaman!

We mentioned him last year, but we've got Aquaman out for a quick look. Man, this actually makes me a little nostalgic for the first couple of years of Peter David's revamp of the character; particularly since the hook-hand and the costume would get busier and busier as time went on: cybernetic harpoon, water-hand, seashell headband...ugh, that headband sucked.

The Total Justice figures were very posed: Aquaman has five points of articulation (neck, both shoulders, both hips) but is mostly carried by his sculpt. You probably can't tell in my pics (since I didn't focus on it) but my figure has some putty on his feet to keep him standing, which I think I had to do for all the Total Justice figures. He also came with the usual oddball TJ accessories; a spiny sea urchin-like armor piece and oversized launcher thing.

The fun part of Retro Toy Week for me, is seeing figures like this, that were the high end of action figures just fifteen years ago. Compare this one to the DCUC Aquaman, and it's like comparing your computer from 1996 to a new one today. (Mind you, there's been Justice League Unlimited figures of hook-hand Aquaman that have about the same articulation, just a different design aesthetic.) I'm kind of hoping in ten, fifteen years the DCUC Aquaman will look just as antiquated as whatever comes next...!

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Dale Bagwell said...

You're so right about the comparisons between figures then and now. That's how I justify buying action figures to my fiancee; now. I tell her "But baby, the figures now look alot more better than when I was younger." They have come a long way with both the Marvel Legends and my current favorite line, DCUC.

I used to have the TJ Flash and Green Lantern a long time ago. I recently came upon some of their old acessories too, and man weren't they horrible?