Tuesday, April 05, 2011

A quick head's-up...that you possibly could've used last week.

Sorry about the blocking, but only half that page is SFW.
Tried out the first issue of Butcher Baker, and am probably a bad person for enjoying it. It's not for everyone, but it's a fun start.

Also picked up Deadpool Corps #12: I hadn't been reading it regularly, but lucked into a couple ninety-nine cent issues, and it was enjoyably dumb. Deadpool, accompanied by alternate reality versions of himself (Lady Deadpool, Headpool, Kid Deadpool, and Dogpool) kicks around the universe causing trouble, but this issue wraps it up. I suspect if Marvel hadn't put three or more Deadpool books out at the same time, this one might've been a little less diluted and done a bit better, but it's all right.

Also, Pool and his crew somehow (I haven't read the rest of the series yet!) had power rings from the Elders of the Universe, poking a little fun at the recent trend of giving everyone a goddamn power ring. Why Deadpool Rings weren't made a promotional item, I have no idea.

The head's up part, is that Deadpool Corps #12 and Deadpool Team-Up #883 are both the last issues of their respective series, and both feature a variant cover. And the variants are very similiar, changing only the title, word balloons, and the cancelled books the crying Deadpool holds. In fact, that looks reversed as well: Pool holds copies of Team-Up on the Corps cover. And rumor has it, there may even be covers on the wrong books entirely. Check it out in the store, if you happen to be looking for one or the other.

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