Friday, April 22, 2011

The JLA may quit, but not me!

Yeah, they're just taking a break, and so am I! Low content all next week, sorry. (Like I've been grinding it out this week...) We'll probably have a page or a panel a day and call it good. Like today!

From JLA: Incarnations #4, "Balance" Written by John Ostrander, pencils by Val Semeiks, inks by Prentis Rollins and Kevin Conrad. It's a tale I'm not sure was ever told before, or told this way: the end of the satellite era of the Justice League of America.

As the Leaguers' lives get more and more complex, several members find themselves with less and less time to devote to the team, and clues are missed to an upcoming alien invasion. Batman resigns, saying the team isn't doing the job. Aquaman suggests everyone reconsider their commitment to the League, and Black Canary more or less tells him to cram it. (Her mom had just died...which would be a hair early, since I thought she was in Seattle with Ollie then.)

The alien invasion, by a band of interplanetary refugees called the Debris, detonates "mind mines" that incapacitate the entire planet. Only J'onn, Arthur, Ralph, and Zatanna remain (and the point-of-view character, reporter Tully Reed) are left to save the, Arthur calls the team out for winning on pure luck, and after Hal, Barry, and Dinah refuse to resign, Aquaman is forced to disband the JLA. (He and J'onn put it back together, twenty minutes later, with the Detroit team. Firestorm and Red Tornado also don't make the cut, for whatever reason.)

I wasn't going to write this much on this one...this is probably what "Low-content" week is gonna look like, but have a good weekend!

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