Friday, January 06, 2012

Man, I wish this one was in the IMDB...

Elvis Presley's birthday is Sunday, but I was going to blog on this issue before I looked that up: from Badger #65, "Kruisin' with the King" Written by Mike Baron, art by 'Spyder,' aka Neil Hansen. Such a weird issue...

A cranky Badger is pumping gas for his corvette and gets into an altercation with the attendant, that is broken up by the arrival of the King, Elvis Presley himself. Badger wants to play some songs for Elvis, who's not interested in the slightest; nor is he interested in Badger joining him. "Ah don't care if you're the Walrus, ah'm tryin' to limit my entourage." Elvis's driver, dead character actor Warren Oates convinces the King to let the Badger in on his mission: stopping the Colonel from releasing more memoirs of Elvis's life: "Ah never knew ah lived with so many people!"

In Vegas, Warren begs off, since he has to go help out the Duke, but he lets Badger know that's not the real Elvis: he was too young, for one thing. Still, Badger plays along and takes the bodyguard spot. Together, they find clues leading to "Little Dragon Imports" and Elvis statues filled with heroin. Confronting the Colonel at his warehouse, Badger and Elvis face his security, Bruce Lee.

After a bit of scuffle, the three realize they're on the same side, and go after the Colonel, who has the double crossing Oates and a certain familiar looking samurai on staff. Still, not everyone may be who they appear to fact, everyone may not be who they appear to be.

I was more a fan of Baron's other First Comic, Nexus, but he usually had more leeway to go nuts in Badger. A fun issue, with a solid punchline.

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