Tuesday, January 17, 2012

(Not) a review: Batman Legacy Edition Catwoman Classic!

She's not my first figure of the year--I got a GLC Manhunter a week or so back--but Catwoman is a new, new figure; not a 2010 release picked up on clearance! I grabbed the first one I saw, and didn't hesitate. How did my first proper Catwoman figure turn out? Let's see!

I didn't have another one in package to compare (nor did I take a picture, sorry!) but the paint on this one was pretty good. There's a couple little blemishes that show on the macro setting of the camera, but look just fine to the naked eye. However, on my figure there was just a smidge of loose trim under her chin--anywhere else, it wouldn't have been noticeable, and it wasn't hard to remove it. Likewise, the mold lines on the legs don't line up: they run along the sides of her thighs, then right down the middle from mid-thigh down! This doesn't bother me, and I consider it a fair trade for articulation, but I wonder if anyone will complain.

Selina's cape and skirt are both not removable, and while they're pretty stiff, they aren't overly heavy. The DCUC Batman above is having some joint issues from lugging his cape around, but I don't see that happening here. Even if it does, there are poses she can hold with the cape and skirt for extra support. Her hair is another attached piece, and hinders a bit of the neck articulation. I do like the wrist points, though, that look like they're coming out of pointed sleeves.

Catwoman does get robbed on the accessory front, though: she only gets a gold-colored Batman base, and a little poster of the cover of Batman #65--I know she had other looks between 1951 and 1980, but came back to this outfit more than once. No loot, no whip or cat o' nine tails, not even a cat!

So, this is a solid figure, but ultimately it will depend on if this is your Catwoman. Some will prefer the modern, leather and goggles look. Others, the Michelle Pfieffer/Batman Returns-style stitched version. Or the Jim Balent chesty action woman. (God help you if you're holding out for a Halle Berry one...) Admittedly, I wouldn't mind having a modern Catwoman figure, but this is the Catwoman of Batman #323, one of, if not the first Batman comics I ever got. I'm glad to have this particular Catwoman.

Man, I do wish I had a Panthor to go with her, though.


SallyP said...

I just got a Manhunter too! But that is a very nice looking Catwoman.

And for the record, there aren't too many gray and blue bats either.

Dale Bagwell said...

Wow! I'm really digging the Catwoman figure here! Hopefully you'll share her more often with new and funny-ass skits! Think of the possibilites with a potential love triangle between batman, cheetah, and catwoman!