Thursday, October 25, 2012

80-Page Thursdays: Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special #8!

...or, the one with Squirrel Girl.

Marvel Super Heroes Winter Special, or #8; featuring stories by Michael Higgins, Scott Lobdell, and Will Murray; and art by Steve Ditko, Chris Wozniak, and M.C. Wyman.

Along with the introduction of Squirrel Girl, who both saves Iron Man and completely owns Dr. Doom; this issue also has an inventory X-Men story with the Abomination and a Sentinel and I'm not entirely sure how many tries it took me to finish reading that one.

There's also a Namor story, following up on an old issue and the death of Red Raven. I guess Red Raven has returned since then, but this issue features a new Red Raven, his daughter. Namor had planned to raise the fallen city of the Winged Ones; who adopted Red Raven as a child and gave him a winged flying suit; but died off years later in a suspended-animation mishap. (They were apparently an offshoot of the Inhumans, but I still count them as one of the several thousand hidden races of the Marvel U...) Even with Diablo as the bad guy, that one didn't do much for me.

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