Monday, October 08, 2012

Y'know, that first panel would look great as a Lichtenstein.

If Lichtenstein wasn't a thieving bastard, of course. But it would look nice on the wall: from 1999, Strange Adventures #1, with "The Kapas" by Brian Bolland, "Immune" by Robert Rodi and Frank Quitely, and the above from "Riddle of the Random Realities!" by Dave Gibbons.

This is another of those posts that serve as a reminder: I still need issues #3-4 of this one. #2 was pretty good as well, though. Still, I tend to doubt Vertigo is ever going to get a good anthology book going again like this or Weird Western Tales or Gangland. Crap, now I'm wondering if I had all of those, either.

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