Monday, October 08, 2012

"Back to work, Rita."

In conclusion, Elasti-Girl? A lot of fun. I had initially considered only photographing her out-of-frame, like the panel with the Chief; but I liked her look too much for that. We saw my cobbled-together Chief a while back too (a DC Direct Starman head on a X-Men Movie Professor X, held together with putty) but I consider my Doom Patrol complete...unless DCUC came strong with a Ambush Bug/Bumblebee pack. I didn't think Elasti-Girl would happen, so who could say?


Dale Bagwell said...

Yeah, you pretty much nailed it on the head for what a typical day for Elasti-Girl must be like, especially when you're living those unique cast of characters.

Definitely got to see more of this type of stuff since there'll be Doom Idol.

KIllin' it son, killin' it!

SallyP said...

I feel for Elasti-Girl. Your Chief is right on the money!