Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"The Overdramatic Dead."

Much as I enjoy AMC's the Walking Dead, sometimes...well, probably no more than a lot of other shows, honestly: if characters did things in a methodical, thoughtful manner; rather than running off half-cocked, getting worked up and emotional, or just outright being stupid; there'd be a lot less problems. Actually, yeah, that probably is the case for 95% of anything.

But I probably over-think the Walking Dead anyway, since currently I'm hung up on the idea that the zombies or walkers or whatever probably shouldn't be much of a threat at this point, since they probably should be dried-up husks. Or should freeze solid. Or rot. Unless there's some in-story explanation we're not privy to, like radiation, or some freaky T-virus thing like Resident Evil keeping the zombies their best.

I'm looking forward to the premiere on Sunday, although I had thought there would be more horror movies on cable by now for Halloween. (And it's super-weird to see a "Treehouse of Horror" before Halloween...)

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Dale Bagwell said...

Damn dude, that's a hell of a lot of misc. figures you have there! You've been saving them all up for this skit or something?:)

Ha, actually you give out some pretty sound advice, and pretty much breakdown the plot to dozens of zombie movies. If only they'd listen to you right?

Good work there bro-ham.