Saturday, October 06, 2012

"Doom Nadir."

When we started "Doom Idol" back in March 2011, I really didn't think we would ever get an Elasti-Woman figure. Or, even if she did make it to production, I figured I would somehow get shafted out of getting her. Maybe she would be a "Collect-and-Connect," and I wouldn't be able to justify buying all the pieces. Or maybe one or more of the parts would be too rare, as happened with Giganta.

But tomorrow...well, we'll see then. In the meantime, check out previous episodes of "Doom Idol."

"More Doom Idol."

"Son of Doom Idol."

"My Greatest Disappointment."

"Still More Doom Idol."

"Even Still More Doom Idol."

"A Little More Doom Idol."

"Doom Idol may be Doom Factor by the time we finish this."

"Doom Secret."

"Doom Lantern."

"Grift Patrol. Or DoomC.A.T.s."


"Dove Patrol."

"Doom Oversight."

Sadly, I didn't do as many episodes as I wanted to--I still have one for a certain Justice Society member written, but I never saw her figure in stores. I still might, if I ever get her; but tomorrow: the conclusion of "Doom Idol," a look at a figure coming real soon, and an ethics discussion! Really!


SallyP said...

I for one have thoroughly enjoyed the Doom tryouts.

Dale Bagwell said...

Me too, It's(sniff, sniff) an end of an era:(

Well, there goes all your good joke material:)