Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I'm going to steal a page from Clark's book!
And this is exactly why I have a cube at work instead of walls.  Thanks heaps, Clark.
Oh, I'm totally going to try this, right down to changing clothes and escaping out the window! The only flaw is, I don't think the tape-recording of a typewriter is going to be convincing today. Especially since any younger readers aren't going to recognize either of those terms...

Moreover, since the only room I can lock myself into in this house is the bathroom, I'm going to need a very different series of sound effects. Particularly if I'm going to be gone for two hours. Unfortunate.

Anyway, more overtime today, so I'm falling behind. Later this week or thereabouts: Try to guess the political party of the most kickass, and probably hottest, Congresswoman ever! How many times can Batman ditch Thorn in a single issue? Before it's not funny? And maybe more half-assed daily posts when I fall further back, but my goal is still more or less daily. For as long as I last...

From Action Comics #421, "The Fantastic Feats of Captain Strong!" Written by Cary Bates, art by Curt Swan and Murphy Anderson. Reprinted in DC Blue Ribbon Digest #48: Superman Team-Up Action, in tiny little print.

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