Saturday, March 31, 2007

Be like Johnny Storm, and get your April's Fools in today!You know, 'faarp' may be my favorite non-Simonson sound effect.
Barry Windsor-Smith, writes, draws, inks, and colors Marvel Fanfare #15, one of my favorite Thing stories ever. Poor Ben runs a progressively more harrowing gauntlet of April Fool's jokes, from a booby-trapped breakfast to a fake H.E.R.B.I.E., finishing with the Torch dumping Ben in the Pogo Plane hanger, filled with balloons and banners. This sequence beats out even the bit where the Thing wakes up with 'stubble,' actually bits of drinking straws Johnny glued to his face. ("Mebbe I'm reverteratin' or somp'n!") Why? Because Ben doesn't have enough fingers to count off the months!

Have a happy April Fool's Day, and remember, if that sack's on fire, let it burn!

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