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Question of the day: Why does Bullseye--Bullseye, a man whose entire schtick is based on throwing things--have a guy on staff to throw knives at, and miss, the Black Widow? Outsourcing? Thug union? Maybe open try-outs? That last one would go a ways towards explaining that vest.

Moreover, where are the Widow's boots? If Bullseye took them...oh, man, that opens up a whole weird avenue of questioning I'd rather leave closed, thanks.

I have to admit, Bullseye is one of my favorite villains, in the sense that I hate him so much. I'm currently doing a little tradewaiting on the new Thunderbolts, which is a little weird since I'm a big Ellis fan; but if Warren let slip even a little hint that Bullseye was going to get a bus dropped on him or a pumpkin bomb shoved up his ass, I'd buy multiple copies. Some of my favorite Daredevil stories have been the ones where Bullseye pretty much breaks and cries like a wee nancy girl, and it seems like it's been quite a while since I've seen that.

From "To Dare the Devil!" Written by Roger McKenzie, pencils by Frank Miller, inks by Klaus Janson. Reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes Megazine #3.

In other news, of course it rained yesterday, so I was a good, muddy mess by the time I biked home. Managed to keep my bike clean exactly one day, too.

The only new comic I picked up was Cable & Deadpool, which I usually enjoy more the less Cable shows up. Fabian Nicieza gave a good try on psuedo-Deadpool Agent X's dialog, but it didn't quite work for me. Still, looking forward to the next one. The shop sold out of Wisdom, but told me they only got two copies for subscribers; I had short-sightedly just been buying it off the shelf. Doesn't bode well for that title, which is discouraging, but I figure they'll get one for me.

And then, the quarter-books: among other things, some recent Fantastic Four specials, a hodgepodge of older Spider-Man spinoffs, Namor #12 (the Invaders issue--I have it, but like it), a couple issues of 2001, and DC's Sword of Sorcery #5. That last one has a Walt Simonson-drawn Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser story, which should be awesome. I'll let you know.

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