Thursday, March 15, 2007

Off-topic, and kind of gross:
Sure, microscopic society.  How bad could it be?
So, I got my Lamisil prescription today...and I'm officially too open for a blog.
Oh great Rao!  Burn it!  Burn it all!
Funny story, actually: took about two months, and I nearly got Tricore or Socore or some cholesterol drug instead. Honest mistake, and at least two days of that wait was to grow a culture. Yes, that usually should take at least a week. Two days. And hey, getting rid of a discolored toenail is well worth damaging my liver equivalent to a week of binge drinking with each pill. Wait, what did the label say? "Take two tablets"...sonuva..."by mouth." Well, glad that got cleared up.

If only there were some conveniently shrunken superheroes to take care of this for me. We'll have to go with DC characters, since over at Marvel they can only shrink small enough to take care of your ant problem. I wouldn't pick the lineup from this issue--Atom, Superman, Green Lantern, Flash, and Wonder Woman--for my problem. I don't need diplomats, I need slash-and-burn.

Figure Atom has to go for the shrinky-dink as a given. I'd take Orion, Captain Atom, Big Barda, Guy Gardner. Leave no toe-fungus-guy standing. Orion and Barda are all about total war, Gardner can cause serious decimation when he feels like it, and Captain Atom understands that sometimes you have to destroy the village to save it. Probably end up at the very least minus all my toenails, worst case with serious radiation sickness; but it would be faster and a more interesting story.

From JLA #42, "Half a Mind to Save a World" Written by Dan Curtis Johnson, pencils by Mark Pajarillo, inks by Walden Wong. Nice fill-in issue between the Grant Morrison and Mark Waid runs.

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SallyP said...

Oh if you want shrinkage, DC is definitely the place to go. Wait, that didn't come out quite the way that I expected.

Heck, over at Marvel, they couldn't even shrink down poor Goliath, even though Hank Pym, was standing right there!

Orion, Capt. Atom, Barda and Guy Gardner however, would definitely do a number on your toes. Or any other appendage you may offer.