Friday, September 05, 2008

"Cue fight music in three, two, one..."
Of course, in about three seconds, Kirk's gonna wish he had his yellow shirt.
I slapped this together as a joke, but now I have to wonder: Captain James T. Kirk versus Green Lantern Hal "Highball" Jordan? In a fistfight, I gotta say Hal in three rounds, but I figure he'd know he'd been in a fight. And five bucks says both their shirts conveniently rip.

By the by, are pilots encouraged to give themselves callsigns after drinks? 'Cause I'd call "Gin fizz."


Earl Allison said...

Nah, Kirk in two rounds.

Once his shirt rips, he becomes unbeatable in a fight :)

THEN he'd seduce Shulkie as well.

Great post, thanks!

Take it and run,

Sea_of_Green said...

James Bond could beat 'em both, and never ONCE rip his shirt. Now THAT's a super-power. ;-)

SallyP said...


I suspect that Kirk secretly rips his own shirt. I also think that Hal wins, once he realizes that She Hulk is the prize...Kirk is sucking space vacumn!

Anonymous said...

'Highball' is actually a reference to baseball, something Hal enjoyed with his dad.