Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Your happenstance panel for today:
Why I love comics, exhibit A.
From Excalibur #103, "Bend Sinister, Reprise" Written by Warren Ellis, pencils by Carlos Pacheco, inks by Scott Koblish and Bob Wiacek. This was Warren's last issue, and would've been a good last issue for the series; since the last twenty-two issues are, in comparison, so terrible they'll hurt your feelings. And I don't clamor for trades of stuff I already have very often, but sweet Georgia Brown, I'd love Excalibur trades of the Warren Ellis run.

Oh, and Joss Whedon fans? Ellis wrote a better Kitty Pryde. Suck it.

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Pete said...

I haven't read Ellis' Excalibur run. Maybe I should...