Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"Strangedoom, part one."

"There are times, when my crimes, may seem almost unforgivable..." Yeah, I'll stop now. Click to enlarge!

Hmm. You probably don't have to be a student of Marvel Comics to guess what happens next...anyway, some thoughts:
Shuma-Gorath is best known as the squid-eyeball purple thing from the classic Marvel Super Heroes video game, and "Chaos Dimension" was one of his special infinity moves. Of course, Shuma has a history of Lovecraftian-style monsterhood in old Dr. Strange comics, but still, best known for that weird running-crawl it would do across the screen.

I don't know what kind of magical resistance Doom gives his Doombots. Or what kind of magical resistance you could give a robot. For our purposes, assume 'none.' Wait, that would imply that Harry Potter could magically defeat Optimus Prime, and that can't be right...And of course, Doom yells at his robots. And the toaster. It's safe to assume, Doom yells at everything.

And why would Namor like ketchup potato chips and pale ale? Well, I figure those are kinda tough to get at the bottom of the sea; and Namor's doubtless sick of...whatever Atlanteans eat. Huh. Do Atlanteans cook their food, then? Or is their diet mostly raw eel and unprocessed kelp? Blech.


Sea-of-Green said...

What, Namor doesn't eat plankton? ;-)

SallyP said...

Oh lovely, lovely. I've never liked Stephen this much before.


grifter said...

Doom had a lonely childhood and pretty soon got bored yelling at his toys, who never uttered a peep, which would have made yelling at them much more satisfying. he corrected this upon reaching adulthood.

do you have a Wong or Clea action figure? (or both) methinks so much material can be mined here.

keep it up, this page keeps me going through the day job.

Ace said...

Doom obviously doesn't know Moondragon's gay. And a dragon. And dead...

Though that last one is probably Strange's bad.

CalvinPitt said...

Hold up there Ace. Moondragon isn't dead anymore, or a dragon. As for her being interested in girls, well, we're talking about Dr. Doom here. I'm certain he can work something out.