Sunday, May 03, 2009

Today's pulse-pounding senses-shattering action-packed Star Trek panel:

From Star Trek: Deep Space 9, (Malibu, 1994) "Program: 359" Written by Colin Clayton and Chris Dows, art by Rob Davis and Terry Pallot. Even though I loved the series, DS9 didn't gel as well in the comics for me. But, I do like stories like this one, which use more tactical manuevers than the special effects budget of the show could probably get away with. I always liked launching shuttles as missiles myself, but Sisko tries punching a hole through a Borg cube's shields so he can beam crewmen aboard: they're beamed into space instead, then shot. Not a great manuever, yeah.

The whole scene is a holodeck sim, though: Sisko is running the battle of Wolf 359, this time with him in the captain's seat, and realizes there was nothing he could have done to win the battle, or save his wife. Pretty good, for a six-page story.

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