Thursday, May 28, 2009

X-23 and Maestro got Marvel Legends, and Solo didn't...yeah, seems right.

Ugh. I've got several days worth of posts scheduled, and not much for today. Great.

The other day, I went for a good long bike ride along the river, then took a little break for a nap under a tree. I was hoping to wake up in the future, with a big ol' beard and stuff.

You can imagine my disappointment.

In other little disappointments, I was inexplicably just wishing I had a Solo action figure. Not Han Solo, no: the Marvel character from the 90's. (Actually 80's onward.) Green costume, guns, "While I live, Terror dies!" Let's take a look, at a pin-up from Web of Spider-Man Annual #10 by Tom Lyle and Sam De La Rosa, and you bet your ass I got that one out of the quarter bin. OK, honestly, it was fifty cents. For some reason, I got to thinking about Solo as the Bizarro Deadpool. Anti-Deadpool. Deadpool's opposite number. Something like that. Both have (mostly) monochromatic color schemes, tons of guns, and teleporters. But where Deadpool's a mercenary, Solo's a freelance anti-terrorist. Where Solo's pretty handsome under his mask, Deadpool's a wreck. Deadpool's a clown, while Solo is deadly serious, and kind of unlikeable.

If Solo grabs you, you can check his wikipedia page: he does predate Deadpool by five years; although the only story I really remember Solo in was Erik Larsen's Sinister Six story in Spider-Man. That, and I think Solo's main purpose in most of his appearances was to storm in shooting and foaming at the mouth, putting Spider-Man in the role of having to keep Solo from murdering terrorists or alleged terrorists, or civilians, depending on the situation. Which seems kinda quaint now, doesn't it?

And, now I just devoted a fair portion of my day to thinking about Solo. I don't like him, and storywise there's multiple problems with him; but he seems like he'd be a good foil for Deadpool, if not a lot of other Marvel characters. You just have to stomach him long enough for him to get his beatdown...

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SallyP said...

Good grief, I've never even heard of this guy! I do worry about his health however, how does he manage to even walk with those massive thighs and those delicate dainty ankles?