Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today's pulse-pounding senses-shattering, action-packed Star Trek panel:

Some ship-to-ship action from Star Trek: Early Voyages #14, "Futures" Written by Ian Edginton and Dan Abnett, pencils by Patrick Zircher, inks by Steve Moncuse. With the timestream altered (as happens...) Jim Kirk ends up captain of a crappy commercial freighter (with Scotty in tow) while Chris Pike remains captain of the Enterprise. Well, the universe can't let that stand...

We're going to go early with this one, since I'm having some technical difficulty; namely, a scan that I didn't realize was upside-down until this morning. Grrrr. This is the last pulse-pounding, senses-shattering, action-packed Star Trek panel too: tomorrow, two short homemade strips. Looks like I won't see the movie until Saturday, though, which is of course, killing me.

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