Thursday, June 25, 2009

...and that's exactly why I lose a lot of arguments.

To this day, Warlock visibly cringes whenever he hears the expression, 'get in touch with your feminine side.'
Say what you will about her--that she's a genocidal madwoman, that she's only a fragment of Warlock's psyche, that her Joan-of-Arc haircut (that she sports most of the series) isn't flattering--but the Goddess knows how to win arguments: by shouting, claiming divine right, and kicking out as needed. Fox News must teach a class or something.

From Infinity Crusade #6, "Rapture" Written by Jim Starlin, pencils by Ron Lim, inks by Al Milgrom. I mentioned last week not recalling some of Starlin's Infinity Trilogy, so I took a second to reread the last issue. This time, instead of universal holocaust or war, the Goddess crusades (duh) for universal peace, bringing many of earth's heroes under her control, and building up to another universal holocaust. It does have some fun with said universal holocaust, I'll give it that:
Life well spent!
Warlock and Thanos are master manipulators again here, and their saves are clever without seeming like the cheats they are. Earth's heroes are again for the most part left clueless and confused, but these things happen. I may need to flip through the whole series again, since I don't recall which heroes sided with the Goddess: I don't think a lot of characters previously shown to have strong religious faith, like Daredevil or Nightcrawler; fell under her sway; and they seem like the ones who would.

Perhaps I'll scan it later, but in the end, after cheating Mephisto out of a promised Cosmic Cube; Thanos sums up the moral of the series and a pretty good philosophy on religion. It's to the effect of, you'll never find fulfillment looking for it from without, it has to come from within. Of course, that might've sounded better coming from anyone besides Thanos, it's not like he seems super-fulfilled, is it?
Well, that sounds inspiring...wait, inner what?
One more thing: I love Ron Lim's art. Seriously.


chiasaur11 said...

Actually, if my resources are correct, Nightcrawler (the one guy who applied for priesthood, even if the relevant run sucked) didn't get nabbed, which is kinda weird. Especially given who was grabbed. I mean, Peter Parker seems to be a Christmas and Easter kinda guy at most, you know?

Maybe it's because Wagner has the whole "No other Gods before me" first commandment bit too close to heart to work for anyone calling herself "The Goddess".

Cry Havok!!! said...

Y'know, I always hear people putting down Ron Lim, but I like him too.