Friday, June 05, 2009

Most Riders?

I picked up the Playmates Terminator: Salvation T-R.I.P. figure the other day, almost hoping I could sub it in for a Ghost Rider 2099: no dice. He's in a six-inch scale, but closer to Playmate's other line, Star Trek, than Marvel Legends; and not super-poseable. The mass-market sculpt isn't as sharp as a "collectors" grade one (like NECA's) but I believe there are 3.75 inch versions of T-R.I.P. as well, and he may hold up better at that scale. (Guesswork: I can't recall if I've seen the 3.75's on the rack, let alone given them more than a passing glance.) And his facial expression is less scary and more "meh," which sums him up.

T-R.I.P. was on sale, which didn't hurt, and I think other retailers might be wise to do likewise: with new Transformers figures out, two scales of Star Trek, and a smattering of Wolverine toys still out there, competition could be fierce. I want to say there could be some great sales come fall, but then again, there are still stores in the neighborhood with full-price Indiana Jones figures on the racks collecting dust.

I don't do a lot of single-panel gags--you can hit, Articulated Discussion, or Poe Ghostal's Points of Articulation for a lot more--but here's probably the lot of them from here: for some reason, the Ghost Riders show up in the last two, Ghost Rider $20.99 and Test Yours Today.

The most recent snow day: You can't tell, but they have the heater going something fierce in there.

Burger King inappropriateness: I'm guessing, getting a converter box is the least of your worries here.

Batman pays the price for knowledge, in Sometimes, being the world's greatest detective kinda sucks.

This is why there's no Vulko figure: 90% of any give day in Atlantis.

He's wishing he was back at Vertigo now: Spear Carriers, Chair fillers, second bananas, what have you.

Man, Superhero Squad figures can be weird sometimes. Self-explanatory.

I'm about two green women away from a set: Cue fight music in three, two, one...

Cereal-prize nonsense: Dummies.

The title has nothing to do with this: If I had got Admiral Kirk, it would've been a very different strip. Somehow.

Hangover. Also self-explanatory.

More snow day "fun": Arctic Blast Batman?

A quick tribute to one of my favorite comics ever: Cretacious Sam.

This was going somewhere, then thankfully didn't: He-Men?

And one I did to celebrate a whole stretch of not-blogging: Give Thanks.


Sea-of-Green said...

I think there's probably just something about the absurdity of the Ghost Rider concept that makes it lend itself easily to one-panel gags. ;-)

SallyP said...

Frankly, Firestorm looks vaguely horrified by the whole idea.