Monday, June 01, 2009

Couple more like that, Luke's gonna put that 'whiny fanboy' rep to bed.

It was years before I realized, wow, Carmine Infantino drew other comics too?
Panel from Star Wars #14, "The Sound of Armageddon!" Written and edited by Archie Goodwin, art by Carmine Infantino and Terry Austin. This wasn't the first Marvel Star Wars comic I had as a kid, but it's one of my favorites, and chock full of house ads for stuff at the time I had never heard of, like Machine Man, Devil Dinosaur, and the X-Men. What? I was like seven!

Anyway, the Comic Book Shop had another of their progressive sales this weekend, and I made it in with the boys three times to take advantage of it. (Partly for the increasing discount, and partly because the Youngest will only let me go through the long boxes for so long...) I was able to replace a number of lost or mangled books for cheap. So, what did we get?

Star Wars #14 & 15
Captain America #269, Annual #5 (In the Annual, Gene Colan art! #269, Mike Zeck and Team America! Whoo!)
Conan #100, #161, #163, #164, #167, #200, Annual #6 (Mostly replacements: lending out Conan comics is like kissing them goodbye. Some great covers in there.)
Marvel Premiere #32 (Monark Starstalker, Howard Chaykin art!) #46 (Man-Wolf, George Perez art!) #56 (Dominic Fortune, Chaykin again) and #61 (a Star-Lord story I vaguely remembered reading as a kid)
Kull #5
Warlord #64-65 (Am I the only one who would like the Barren Earth backups in the new Warlord series? Is it just me?)
World's Finest #240, #276
Daredevil #268
Thor #316

And a few more from the quarter boxes, like Danger Trail, #4 is gonna be a bear now. A lot of these will probably be blogged later: I was impressed with Daredevil #268 a lot more than I had expected, since I just picked it back up for the great John Romita Jr. cover. More later, I'm going to be reading and watching Deadliest Warrior and the Simpsons at the same time, so, um, busy.

I did take a look for Deadpool/Death, one of the only Deadpool books I'm still looking for; and there wasn't a single Deadpool book to be had in the back issue boxes. Completely wiped out.

Oh, and I'm trying to finish a topical strip for Wednesday, and I'd be done...except I can't find two figures I need for it. And I've used both of them before, so that's driving me up the wall...


Sea-of-Green said...

Wow. Luke can punch? I never knew! ;-)

SallyP said...

I LOVE the quarter boxes!

Siskoid said...

I liked Barren Earth more than Warlord itself!

googum said...

Luke kicks so much ass that issue. Seriously. He avoids getting killed by Chewie, orchestrates a double-cross to save everyone, slugs Han, and swings down to rescue Leia. Friggin' awesome.

It's a sign of the times, but a lot of the quarter box stuff is a dollar now...but so much of it is great, I can't complain!

Sometimes. I've been trying to see if I have the first issue with the Barren Earth, since I've been trying to work up a post for Conquest of the Barren, it seems like it would cost DC just about nothing to collect that.