Monday, June 15, 2009

In lieu of content, here's a panel from Quasar #38:

Buy Infinity War and it's crossovers, and you'll see this scene from several angles...
From "Who's War is This, Anyway?" Written by Mark Gruenwald, "penciler supreme" Greg Capullo, "inker supreme" Harry Candelario.

Busy, busy, busy; but Wednesday and Thursday's posts are good to go. And, I do so enjoy my Infinity War crossovers...well, the first couple months, anyway. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've re-read Infinity War, or Gauntlet, or Crusade, in quite some time. Partly because of the diminishing returns--I really liked the first two or three issues of War more than anything, but the rest and the ending are a bit less memorable--but also between the individual issues and the myriad crossovers, it's a tough one to pin down.

As I've stumbled across them in my boxes, we've previously had scans from Fantastic Four #367, New Warriors #27, Fantastic Four #367 again, and Infinity War #2. I'm pretty sure the Quasar appearance ties into a scene from Infinity War #3, where Captain America leads a contingent of earth's mightiest heroes (and some of Alpha Flight, for some reason) against Warlock, since they weren't sure of his intentions.

I might come back to this sometime, since while I've made a little fun at this crossover's tendency to repeat scenes from different angles in different issues; the better tie-ins gave more of what that particular comic's characters were doing or going through in the crossover. Infinity War proper may only devote a panel or two to Quasar, but in his own comic he gets to fight Warlock head on. Guess we can all be stars of our own stories, huh?

Tomorrow: Justice League! Or Robocop. Maybe Green Lantern? I have a vague idea, but, we'll see.

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