Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Retro Toy Week: Blue Raspberry Alien!

Somehow, I can't help but think this chap would be scarier in another color. I had to dig a little bit, but his mold is from Kenner's Aliens line, but I believe it was later reissued, possibly by Hasbro? On a smaller, kinda generic card? That would be somewhat fitting, since this was the basic soldier drone alien; the kind that would come in waves in Aliens. Mine has completely smooth feet, no date or company info.

Bluey here has a pretty good sculpt (especially if this mold had been used before) and the arms and legs have some nice, Giger-ish biomechanical detail. He only has six cut joints: head, base of his tail, both hips and shoulders. That makes balance a little tricky, especially since his feet are relatively tiny. While I might not have picked that shade, the paint apps are all good enough.

The Soldier Alien should be an army-builder: imagine getting six or more of these to surround your G.I. Joes! But he would be a better builder, if you could pose more them differently: six or more of these guys are going to look the same, especially if you try to free-stand them. If you bought the rest of Kenner's Alien figures, you'd have more variety, but it depends on if you want the Snake Alien or Boar Aliens or whatever. Some of those were pretty good, but it's a matter of taste.

Poor Bluey, and his pal 'Splodey there have been in storage since they're smaller than the Legends and such on my shelves now; although I know I have a larger one out there. (Probably a NECA one, maybe?) Still, I might pose these guys with some Joes, now that I think about it...


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gilbert709 said...

There was another figure that also used this mold. It was a brownish, bronzey color. That one looked a lot less like it should smell like a fruit flavor. Not sure which one came first though. As for the year, take a look at the first pic. On the inside of its leg it says TM C 1995 Fox Kenner.