Monday, April 12, 2010

Retro Toy Week: Ten-inch Thing!

Oh, get your minds out of the gutter! Not that ten-inch Thing!

Toy Biz made a ton of relatively inexpensive ten-inch figures in the 90's, many of them repaints of existing molds. Some make sense, like Iron Man repainted for War Machine. Others, to be charitable, made less sense, like Spider-Man's mold repainted for the Spot, or whatever the hell they used for Ninja Rogue. Heck, they even managed to repackage and sell this ten-inch Thing more than once!
I need to dust more...
I didn't get the Thing with trenchcoat disguise version, which means I didn't get a giant fedora hat either, but...yeah, I'm ok with that. Here's where I throw away any credibility I might have, but I liked this guy so much I bought him off eBay! He displays nicely with my Iron Man and War Machine ten-inchers, who look good with my old Famous Covers figures.
His sculpt is a little soft, since he seems like just a scaled-up version of the Thing from the Fantastic Four cartoon line, although the smaller figure has a fist-pounding action figure and turns at the waist. His foot is stamped 1995, while the smaller Thing was from 1994; and their sculpt is a bit behind the time, but still in-line for an animated series. Ben only has nine points of articulation, and is somewhat light for his size, and is light on paint apps. Still, I'm glad to have him, and he might be a bit out of sight, but he's still on a shelf here today.

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Fanboy Wife said...

I didn't think anything ill of "10 inch Thing" until you mentioned it!