Friday, April 02, 2010

Why I'm not dyeing eggs this year. Well, that and I'm a lazy pagan.

Off for Easter with my family, including my nephews! I made the mistake of buying Easter toys with my Sons, and they've already opened theirs, but the nephews get new Iron Man 2 toys! From their uncle, not the Easter Bunny. He's not stealing my thunder!

Scans from Excalibur #42, "A Hatch is Plotted" Written and pencilled by Alan Davis, inks by Mark Farmer. Super-fun issue.


Spider42 said...

excellent post! laughed so hard I cant tell you! :D

that was a good series back in the day.

cheers and happy easter to you too..

Wes Grogan said...

Had this issue. Great stuff! Man, I miss the old Rachel Summers from back then. Ex-Hound, still naive, great stuff.