Thursday, April 15, 2010

Retro Toy Week: Total Justice Darkseid!

Most action figure collectors, meaning the ones over 6, have a rather problematic relationship with the action feature. After all, a lot of the time they're buying a figure for display, not for working missile-launchers or thunder-punch action. If there has to be an action feature, they'd prefer it be less obtrusive.

...and here's the definition of 'obtrusive action feature,' right on cue: Capture-Claw Darkseid.

Unlike the other Total Justice figures, Darkseid didn't get silly removable fractal armor (fun enough for kids or to mess around with, then you can leave it in a box) he gets a huge, working claw. A huge, working, non-removable claw. Actually, for the time, the rest of the sculpt isn't terrible, although Darkseid seems less omnipotent end of the universe evil, more somewhat mortified at that thing on his fist. His face doesn't seem craggy enough, either, but maybe this is a younger Darkseid, wet behind the ears but claw ready to find that Anti-Life Equation.

As was typical for the Total Justice line, Darkseid doesn't have a ton of articulation, six points, including his wrist at the claw. He's not terrible, but for display purposes, I'll stick with my DC Direct Darkseid. Oddly enough, that one has a Mother Box stuck in his hand. I don't think I'll be getting the DCUC version, but that version at least has two hands ready to go.
Too small, throw him back! This Darkseid's best remembered, by me anyway, for a joke from Toyfare featuring him and some fitting guest aliens. Seems a shame to put him back in storage, though: I might see if my nephews would enjoy a big bad to fight. there aren't Green Lantern Care Bears, I have no idea. In all the emotional spectrum colors and flavors! That one's on me, DC Direct!


Wes Grogan said...

Poor Darkseid.. doomed to a career as a cheap game of "skill". He hasn't been the same since.

my freinds said...
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Anonymous said...
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Fanboy Wife said...

That Care Bear seems to enjoy being pinched a little too much!

SallyP said...

I do enjoy the tiny smile on Darkseid's face. If he's going to be stuck with that claw on his hand, he might as well enjoy it!

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