Monday, August 22, 2011

"He loves only clay" would be a crummy post title, but here we are.

So, we mentioned Joker's Asylum II: the Mad Hatter some time ago; but I picked up a fifty-cent copy of Joker's Asylum II: Clayface the other day. "Midnight Madness" Written by Kevin Shinick, art by Kelley Jones.

Like many readers, I was introduced to Basil Karlo in "The Mud Pack" beginning in Detective Comics #604 from Alan Grant and Norm Breyfogle. (That wasn't his first appearance, but since that was back in 1940, it may as well have been.) A former horror-film actor, Karlo now had full-on clay monster powers; and this issue, an entire revival theatre of clay and fans who didn't care if they lived or died.

The Joker has a pretty good chuckle at the headline "Clayface Kills at Box Office," and Jones' art does wonders for this story; but what I've seen of the Joker's Asylum stories don't seem to go quite far enough. And, since it's not entirely certain if these are in-continuity stories or entertaining lies spun by the Joker, I hope if there's another round of these sometime that kick it up a notch. Of course, since Joker's Asylum already done Joker, Penquin, Two-Face, and seven others; I wonder if the third wave would be down to Killer Moth, Calendar Man, Zsasz...(There are, of course, other decent Batman villains, but I firmly believe in the separation of Arkham and Blackgate inmates.)

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Dale Bagwell said...

This actually looks pretty good, especially w/ the Kelley Jones art.
The mad Hatter one seemed interesting if only because it suggests that Ol' Jervis is a fan of taking the occasional acid trip.

For that matter, he should be visiting fellow Bat-villain Scarecrow alot. I bet Mr.Crane could make a killing making and selling his own brand of LSD.

Also, I had a tough time w/ figures this weekend; I saw DCUC Wave 18's Samurai @ my local Wal-Mart, but passed on him, wanting Black Vulcan, Bronze Tiger, and Cap. Boomerang instead. They didn't carry any of these guys. Then I went to K-mart. They actaully had Sodom Yat, whop I was going to get, but then I noticed 2 Catman figures. I never expected to find Batman Legacy figures there, and snatched Blake up quick. I now have Deadshot and Catman for my well as Bane's right arm. Expect a quick sketch today.