Wednesday, August 03, 2011

"The Terror of...someone."

A quick and silly one while I'm on vacation: I picked up the last parts I needed to complete the DCUC Collect-and-Connect figure from series 13, Trigon! Out of the six figures needed to build him, I bought four; and got the other parts off eBay. I had only planned on buying Negative Man and Blue Devil out of that batch, but lucked into Superboy, Blue Beetle, and Cyclotron on sale. (Cyclotron had a base, so he wasn't 100% necessary.)

Strangely, while I still may pick up a Cheetah later (a local store has like four, so I'm waiting them out) I once again avoided buying a Teen Titan, in this case, Wonder Girl. The one pictured above is the DC Direct version (and check the links to OAFE for more answers!) but I'm just not a huge Teen Titans fan. And I don't think I've ever actually read a comic with Trigon; but he's a big red demon, so why not put him together.

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