Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"Last Call."

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Tomorrow, the new DC continuity gets rolling with Justice League #1. I haven't decided if I'll pick it up or not--I kinda figure it'll be available, and will probably be reprinted here, there, and everywhere, like Ultimate Spider-Man #1 was. Which makes me wonder if Ultimate Spider-Man brought in a lot of new readers, since that's what DC's hoping to do here.

I think that may be the thing for me: DC wants to bring in new readers, ones that haven't read a ton of comics already. Warren Ellis said, "The New DC comics stuff looks so much like stuff I would never read that it oddly fills me with hope that they are targeting the core audience they want." And that's OK, and even if most of it isn't to my taste, I hope it does well for DC; because if they can create new comics readers, that should help make new comics creators in the future. (That said, I can't remember ever reading an interview with an artist that said they were inspired to draw comics by New Mutants #87.)

I will confess to being curious how this League gets together, since I don't think Geoff Johns and Jim Lee are going to use the Appellaxian invasion again--the team turning into trees, while a charming image, is probably a little dated for what they're hoping to do with the relaunch. And it would be just as well if they did something different, since I've seen that invasion three or four times already.

And with that...I think I'll take tomorrow off, here!


Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

Not bad, but to be honest, and since I think I know where you were trying to go on this, it just seemed to fall flat. I don't think you really stuck it to DC or the characters like you should have.

It's cool though. I myself haven't been up to snuff lately either, so don't feel bad.

I hope you don't take all of that the wrong way; you've always been an inspiration for me enough to attempt to pull off what you do just about everyday with an ease that defies logic.

Just didn't knock this one out the park.

I still love you Doom Idol segments though!!!!!!

As for this whole reboot madness, I'm against it, and think it's unnecessary, but I guess that's why I'm not the boss over at DC. Still I'll check out this "New 52", but I suspect it reeks a lot like the "old DC."
Man, they sure love to erase/reboot their history all the time huh?

SallyP said...

Oh Hal. Never change.

googum said...

I don't think I have the "Grr! How dare they?" reboot rage going. I wasn't reading that many DC books before, and I'm probably going to give a couple a try, anyway. I don't hate it the way I hate Fear Itself; which I'm not paying money for but still feel burned by.
More Lantern nonsense coming, although I'd probably be tempted to buy a plainclothes/civilian/unemployed Hal. Because him couch-surfing for the first few months of the reboot sounds like exactly what'll bring new fans in.

Mr. Morbid's House Of Fun said...

About Hal, I know right? What the hell was Johns' smoking when he thought he'd just put Hal on the sidelines after a summer movie(which apparently bombed according to the numbers) and a major storyline. I guess Hal does desrve a break after the year he's had, but Sinestro? really?

Yeah I know, wait and see, wait and see, but when DC's doing a major reboot, it makes more sense(at least to me so that's why I'm not in charge of DC) to have Hal as the main GL in his own title.

Plus, I don't doubt fans or new fans will be confused as hell with JL rolling out w/Hal as Gl. They'll see the GL title, and will be like "WTH?"

Smooth DC, real smooth. I know Johns' is DC's golden boy(besides Morrison) but he really shouldn't have been given so much power/stroke/influence.

And that my friends is why I prefer to read the spoilers rather than buy lackluster comics; I tend to save more money that way.

Susan said...

Very poignant strip, a real 180 from what you usually deliver (aside from Hal's "I'm awesome!" comment). What you were making them say sums up how I feel in a way: DC makes you care about these characters like they're real people, then rips them apart and rebuilds them without regard for all that. It's not fair to them or us.

Aside from All-Star Western, I'm still unsure as to what I'll be buying, if anything. I am one of those who will be on the lookout for "unemployed Hal", though. ;)