Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Hal's not in this one, because DCUC hasn't made a civilian/homeless version...

The Collect-and-Connect Stel is a great figure, but there were two figures in that series with interchangeable heads: the Green Lanterns Naut Kei Loi and Medphyll, and the Red Lanterns Skallox and Nite-Lik. Many collectors bought multiples, so they could display both heads; or even more to substitute in others. Which means, there are multiple Stel legs floating around out there. I myself ended up with an extra left arm and left leg...not quite enough to justify trying to build another Stel. Yet.

I have only the vaguest idea what is in DC continuity now, and what's going to be after the reboot; but hasn't Sinestro committed a lot of murders? When Kilowog restored the people of his planet to life, Sinestro killed them all. Sixteen billion dead. It's not even mentioned on Sinestro's page in the DC Wiki; but I don't see how Kilowog doesn't snap Sinestro's spine every time he sees him.


Dale Bagwell said...

Cute one Goo; really dug this one.

I know how you feel about Sinestro, and that just makes the fact that he's the main GL for the rebooted/relaunched GL title all the more mystifying. WTH is Johns' problem? Hopefully he'll address Sinestro's past crimes as he's stated that he's still technically a villain, but a sophisticated one.
Whatever that means.

There was/is currently a plot in the other GL title, GLC, where Sinestro's daughter Soru is recruited by other GL's to join them in an attempt to kill him, plus he's also supposed to be on the run from his own corp, so I guess Sinestro's going to be a busy boy for awhile.

By the way, I'd wouldn't mind seeing a custom jobless Hal either. He'd be perfect for commentary in this current economical climate.

Also Stel is cool as hell, but I'm not going to buy all the figures needed just to build him. I guess that's why man invented Ebay.

SallyP said...

Yes, Sinestro has killed an awful lot of people. Or Aliens...or lifeforms or whatever. So I can perfectly understand why the Green Lanterns are a tad LESS than thrilled that he's with them again.

Also...the Guardians are stupid.

Susan said...

I suppose you could always use the civilian Hal from the GL movie line...but this would limit whatever strip you had in mind to the 3-and-3/4-inch figures. And he'd look like Ryan Reynolds. Crap.