Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Grift Patrol. Or DoomC.A.T.s."

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I know it's 'could've'...
Oh, duhr. I swear I had this done in July, before reading Grifter #1. Of course, I also could'a sworn I posted this one already...the Doom Patrol's ongoing membership drive will continue, but we may have more fun with Grifter next time.


Dale Bagwell said...

Ahhh Goo, you've made my day today!

I know Grifter's not your cup of tea, but he was always my favorite member of the WildC.a.t.s. back in the day, so I'm glad he gets some love, even if he's being mocked.

If you happen to check out any of those old issues, or even the ones by Joe Casey or the Ed Brubaker Sleeeper series, you'll find he's not all that bad.

So, the search continues....that's cool, because as they say, sometimes it's the journey and not the destination that counts. Either that or that hit of crack I just took kicked in, either way looking forward to more Doom Idol.

SallyP said...

Well...he must be fun at parties.