Monday, September 05, 2011

Reading list: Skullkickers, Empowered!

Like most Americans, I'm on vacation today, and I picked up a couple books (and the new They Might Be Giants CD) that I'm probably reading right now!

Skullkickers I've heard good things about, and it's cheap! But Empowered I've wanted to read for some time, so this was a good opportunity to try it. Borders loss is my gain, and by my count there's probably less than a week left before most, if not all, their locations are closed. So grab something if you can!


plainwater said...

You see! This is why I read this blog. I didn't even know They Might Be Giants had a new album out.

googum said...

You know, I think I missed the last one; have to look into that. I've barely had a chance to listen to "Join Us," but it's worth it for "When Will You Die" alone. (Youtube it here--I'm not one of those 'Brony' types, but it was the first one I found.)