Friday, September 23, 2011

Six random line items!

Ah, I haven't done one of these since January! And I'm just as prepared now as I was last time!...yeah.

1. Story problem! The K-Mart by my house is closing next month, and is slooooowly having a clearance sale. Last I checked, there was one variant Negative Man DCUC...and four Cheetahs. The old Cheetah. So, how far can I let the clearance sale go, and still get one? I'm betting I can wait until she's under five bucks, easy. We'll see!

This year, I bought Kyle Rayner and Catman from K-Mart, so I will be sorry to see this location go. Yet another less place to buy figures locally...

2. So far this year, I have not been interested in a single new TV show. I'm looking forward to the new season of Fringe, and that's about it for TV. (OK, except for Fox's animation block, which varies wildly, sometimes episode to episode.) (And I hate Bob's Burgers, and Family Guy has not been solid lately.)

Futurama and Deadliest Warrior just wrapped their seasons, and I know there's only a few episodes of Dr. Who left...for some time. (Man, I got spoiled watching Dr. Who on PBS as a kid, since I swear they were running a ton of episodes daily...) I think Top Gear is in the same boat, where a "new season" is code for "four episodes." Lazy BBC sods...I am looking forward to the new season of The Walking Dead, and wish I had time to watch Breaking Bad from the start.

I'm making it sound like gee, I'm not going to watch any TV, which would be a goddamn lie. I will doubtless watch more and more football as the weather gets worse, and I remembered Idris Elba's Luther will be back next week. Although, that's another BBC one that is probably only like six episodes. There are pros to that, I suppose: less filler in a shorter season, and I'd be more apt to watch something like, say, Revenge if I knew she'd either get revenge or not in six episodes, not six seasons...

3. Finished Ralph Steadman's The Joke's Over this afternoon, so I needed something to read without starting a new novel yet. And, in a recent search, I found I had almost a full 18 issue run of Chris Claremont and Sean Chen's X-Men: the End. Spoiler: how much you are going to enjoy this series is really going to depend on how much you enjoyed Claremont's entire tenure on the X-Men. And not just his first run, and not just Uncanny either. There's stuff from X-Treme X-Men, among other books. (To Claremont's credit, one of the big bads is Cassandra Nova, a Morrison/Quitely creation.) Another spoiler: it's not great.

For example, and we all know I'm a Nightcrawler fan rather than an X-Men fan; in this future Kurt Wagner is a retired X-Man turned action-movie star. Apparently, successfully: we don't see this scene, but it's mentioned Kurt was transported off-world from the set of Letterman. It's an interesting notion, and one I prefer to priest Kurt; but elsewhere in the book, the grown-up Katherine Pryde is running for mayor of Chicago against a rabidly anti-mutant opposition. Maybe that's not too far off, since I suppose any minority group is going to have an easier time breaking into entertainment (but not necessarily an easy time) than into politics; but the anti-mutant sentiment seems just as kneejerk and violent as it always did. That's probably not the oddest thing in that series, but there you go.

4. I've mentioned before that my Youngest son is a big Spongebob Squarepants fan. So, when I saw Spongebob prizes in boxes of Chocolate Cheerios, I started eating those; since he's on a casein/gluten free diet and can't get them himself. Then I got some on sale...and now there's like two unopened boxes on my desk at work, and maybe four more in my kitchen. I'm stocked up for a while. Maybe. I thought about taking a day of just eating those, since I don't think that would be a lot of calories, but would probably be a quick way to get sick of eating them.

Which reminded me of a time, years ago, when I was going to leave town for a week and had about half a gallon of milk left in my fridge. I didn't want to waste it, so I tried drinking it all that evening. Have you heard of the dairy challenge? Well, I hadn't at the time...

5. Transformers 3 and Super 8 are playing at the local cheap theatre this week, and I'm debating checking them out. I'm kind of interested, but aren't they both like two and a half hours? (I'm aware I could look that up, I was really tired when I saw that listing, and had a hard time getting excited for either. We'll see.

6. And I haven't been the comic shop this week, either: the new B.P.R.D. was all I planned on getting. Although, I hear Batman #1 is pretty good and Catwoman #1 is a crime against god and man. Well, maybe. (I was going to put in a link to Bleeding Cool there, but apparently was asleep at the wheel. Find it yourself!) The dynamic of the Batman/Catwoman relationship, if that's the word, has always been an odd one, but lately...hmm.


Dale Bagwell said...

Goo, sorry to hear about your local K-mart closing. I hear you when it comes to action figure pains(now that sounds like a future blog).

I guess most K-mart's are stocked alike when it comes to DCUC figures, because mine has the same wave line-up as yours, but the Negative Man offered at mine is the reg. version, which I already have, but the variant one looks just as cool. Get it, and use that bad boy for future Doom Idol skits. At least that's what I'd do. As for Cheetah, well you're on your own there, as I don't really buy chick figures, especially her.

I know, I know, I'm looking like a sexist when it comes to figures, and that's mostly true. But I do have a ML She-Hulk and Hawkgirl/woman from the old DC Direct Hawkman/Hawkgirl set. Remember that? That was like from '99 or 2000 I think.

I did get Catman too, as you well know, which I was truly surprised that my local shitty K-mart would even carry that line.

You're a lucky man for finding Kyle Rayner though, as I would've really liked to get him myself. I was going to buy Sodom Yat, until I saw Catman, and that was all she wrote.

I too have read how overly sexed up
Catwoman is, but considering who writes it, and that it's a rebooted/relaunched book, well I'm frankly not surprised.

You know all to well how I feel about the reboot, as I've bombarded your poor comments section with enough rants about that. But I will say books lie Batman, Detective(especially the last page) Animal Man(yeah he's back), Swamp Thing, JLA(despite being the same old, same old from Johns' just with sweet Jim Lee art), Action Comics, and Frankenstein have all been solid hits. So at least the reboot has that going for it.

Alright man, have a good weekend!

Dale Bagwell said...

Forgot to comment on Claremont's X-men:end. While I haven't read the entire trilogy, I have read the spoliers/synopsis of it all, and it doesn't seem too bad. I didn't care for Cable and X-force getting jobbed like they did though.

Other than that, what can I say that hasn't already been said about Claremont's latest work....His earlier work was better.

Pete said...

My local K-Mart closed a while ago. I need both Deadman and Cheetah! We should talk, is what I'm saying...