Monday, September 16, 2013

Hammers, nails, zombies, handguns. Seems simple enough...

I missed the new reboot of pulp hero The Spider when it first came out, but got #2 the other day. I always could've sworn that Chuck Dixon wrote the character at some point (possibly here?) and described him as being more into it than the Shadow: when the Shadow does his evil laugh, it's calculated, a show, he knows it gets to the hearts of men. The Spider laughs because goddamn, he loves his work...

But this Spider is set during the present, and has modern problems: his best pal Kirkpatrick is his Commissioner Gordon-figure and suspects him of being the Spider. His love interest Nita Van Sloan is a Lois Lane type, but also knows his identity, and is married to Kirkpatrick. And the Spider's villains this issue are Egyptian god-masked terrorists with a surprisingly sympathetic back story and a weaponized zombie formula. The Spider is in a bit of a pickle, since he doesn't want to just gun down innocent infected citizens if they can be know, I'm 90% sure the Shadow would've shot the lot of them. Omelets and eggs, right?

From Dynamite's The Spider #2, written by David Liss, art by Colton Worley. I may have to keep an eye out for that, the art is great. And I'm almost positive it has nothing to do with this:


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