Monday, September 02, 2013

Longtime readers may have noticed the tag "quarterbooks" more than usual lately. Partly because I do pick up a lot of them, but most of my collection is still good and boxed up from the move. Which is mildly inconvenient when I have an actual issue in mind (This one!) but we'll just push on with this one.

A couple weeks ago, I eBay-bought the Judith Chambers figure from the SDCC exclusive Thunderbolts set--aka Satana. Haven't used her in a strip here yet, but I was looking for any comics I had with her. Not too many, as it turns out.

From 2004, Witches #4, written by Brian Walsh, art by Will Conrad. Along with Satana, the titular witches were Jennifer Kale, from old Steve Gerber issues of Man-Thing; and Topaz, from Werewolf by Night. Topaz may have been a blonde there, here she looks more Indian; but I wouldn't have recognized Satana's redesign either. Are those horns on top of her head, or her hair? It doesn't help that the cover artist appeared to draw hair while the interior artist went with horns...

Also this issue: Doctor Strange fights "Lillith." No, Lilith. Not the one that was Dracula's daughter, the "Mother of All Demons" version. Her face is shaped like Wolverine's mask. So creepy...Lilith talks a lot of smack as she wallops Strange--at one point, she hits him with a parking meter. But Strange comes off worse, since it looks like he manipulated the Witches for his own reasons. I don't think this series was well-received, or well-remembered, but here we are until I find another issue with hopefully a better Satana design.

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