Monday, September 23, 2013

I suppose nobody wants a Super-Bros movie...

I'm not dead-set against a Superman/Batman movie, but I'm a little disappointed at the thought that a good chunk of it is probably going to be them fighting. I prefer them as friends, even if they both think they're humoring the other most of the time. And in today's comic, Bats probably figures Supes is just being polite letting him hang out, but we'll see: from 1981, World's Finest #273, "In the Citadel of the Weapon Master" Written by Cary Burkett, art by Adrian Gonzales and Bob Smith.

In the previous issue, Superman and Batman fought three Kryptonite-powered robots in the Fortress of Solitude, and barely beat them. Now, with a force-shield protecting the Fortress against immaterial foes, they try to find some clue of the robots' master. Batman notices a new addition to Superman's equipment: a power-charger, designed to return Superman's powers if he should lose them to gold Kryptonite. Supes explains the bugs aren't quite worked out, since using it would give someone powers, but burn out their body inside of four hours. No foreshadowing here. The robot was booby-trapped to explode, but not before Superman gets the location for the robot to return: less than a hundred miles away!

In the titular citadel, the alien Weapon Master rants about the cool stuff he jacked from the Fortress, including half of an alien weapon that he'd been searching for: the Dabalyan Will-Paralyzer. After Superman and Batman attack his base, Batman is nearly shot down in the Bat-Plane, while Supes is beaten with Kryptonite. The Weapon Master puts Superman into a crystal to use him to power the weapon, draining the will of everyone on earth. Everyone except Batman, protected in the Fortress. He knows he's alone, but thinks he might have an ace he can still points for guessing.

That does kind of undermine the Batman-iness of Batman, but I do prefer this Batman that would sacrifice his life for his friend, to the mean-spirited crabass one that ends up punching it out with Superman.

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Dale Bagwell said...

I miss that Batman too. Sure the pissed of/snarky one's fine every now and then, but damn. Why does it seem like Bats is the on the rag on almost every recent appearance he gets?