Wednesday, October 02, 2013

"Throwing the Gauntlet."

I know I've read Grant Morrison's JLA: Earth 2 and occasional other appearances here and there like the animated Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths, but I lose track of the Crime Syndicate's powers and characterization. Like, I guess Power Ring is a coward now, with a ring that runs on fear? Of course, today's strip is based on Ultraman snorting Kryptonite in the first issue of Forever Evil: I'm not sure if that gives Ultraman new super-powers, or just gets him super-high, or both. (I can't remember where, but I'm almost positive Ultraman has been defeated somewhere, by simply giving him too much Kryptonite at once, overloading him with powers...)

My version of Hyperion continues to be a bit of a blowhard--and really reminds me of classic Marvel Hercules, a loudmouth who still had the muscle to back his talk up, usually--who isn't all that impressed with the DC characters he and his Squadron Supreme are based on. He talks a big game, but since his Batman-analog Nighthawk was killed off years ago, the Squadron may have a harder time with the Syndicate than they'd admit.

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Dale Bagwell said...

Loved this one man! Especially the last panel! Oh god, that was so dead on.

A fight between the two would be a damn sight for sure. I'm tempted to give to the CSA on pure bias and for the fact that like you mentioned, they don't have a Nighthawk to match Owlman. Of course it could just come to either the top 3 or top 3 CSA members and Hyperion.

Also, LOL at the fucked up cross-eyed Hyperion head they gave us. everything is great except for dem crooked eyes?