Wednesday, October 23, 2013


I kind of wanted that Thunderbolts box set (check out the OAFE review!) but since I already had the Crossbones figure, I only sprung for Satana--excuse me, "Judith Chambers"--on eBay. (I'll probably consider Moonstone if she gets re-released as a single, but Marvel Legends distribution seems to be getting a little sketchy.) I really don't know a whole ton about the character, and didn't see the Thunderbolts comics with her, but I think she might be fun for this.

It is a treat to do a Deadpool strip without having to fill in those damn balloons in yellow, though, tell you what...


SallyP said...

Your Deadpool is the one that I wish I could read all the time. And Kurt.

Dale Bagwell said...

Same here. Damn good stuff, and yeah I can definitely understand what a pain in the ass it must be to fill in that shit all the time. Or you know, as often as you make these things.

Satana huh? Nice figure,nice rack, and definitely loving where this is going.