Thursday, October 31, 2013

From before zombies were a big thing. Or comics, for that matter...

Actually, of course the modern zombie was around back in 1999 when this issue was published, but certainly wasn't as ubiquitous as they are now. Of course, this isn't quite a typical zombie story: from Flinch #6, "Dead Woman Walking" Written by William Messner-Loebs, art by Duncan Fegredo. A heiress is betrayed and murdered by her new husband, and is so angry she rises from her grave. Upon getting back to her husband, though, she has a change of heart, and decides to take him to bed instead. And his girlfriend. And then things get weird.

This is just an eight pager, and might've benefited from a few more, but not bad. I lucked into finding this one the same day Mignola and Fegredo's Hellboy: the Midnight Circus came out, too. (Spoiler alert: it's great!) The rest of the issue holds up as well: in "El Ogro" a morbidly obese son can't get over the death of his brother, as his family wonders how much more they can stand; and in "The Day Wife" Phillip Hester writes and draws the story of a man making a curious discovery about his wife's inner nature. I don't think Flinch has been reprinted yet, so you'd have to dig it up issue by issue.

It's Halloween, and as usual I've taken the day off! It would probably make more sense to take the day after off, so I can stay up late watching crappy zombie movies, but here we are.

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