Monday, October 28, 2013

Yeah, my scanner still works, why do you ask?

I had four days off and I'm still behind? Well, then, let's take a quick look at some stuff I picked up this week.

From the library, I read Marvel Universe vs. Punisher, an alternate-universe story wherein a routine mission for the Punisher releases a bioweapon that turns most of the MU's heroes and villains into cannibal sociopaths. As civilization crumbles and millions die, the Punisher, well, seems pretty much content to just continue his war, but with different targets. I don't know if that was supposed to be the takeaway on this one: Frank is only "happy" (and certainly not happy in any traditional sense) when he's at war, and the enemy doesn't really matter. Still, nice Gordon Parlov art; although there's a girl in this one that looks very much like one he drew in Fury MAX: My War Gone By.

At the Comic Book Shop, I lucked into a used copy of Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye volume 1: I had found a random issue or two of that book in the quarter bins, and was surprisingly won over. I'm usually only a casual TF fan, but writer James Roberts juggles a Legion of Super-Heroes sized cast, long-term plotting, and deadly seriousness and deadpan snark in the right amounts. The first chapter of this one, "The Death of Optimus Prime," is a bit of a misnomer and tonally seems like it belongs in another book, but sets up the series. After Cybertron reboots, thousands of Transformers return to their homeworld, and many of them are "NAILS," Non-Aligned Indigenous Lifeforms: neither Autobot nor Decepticon, and often more than a little resentful of both and their millions of years of war. While some of the Autobots want to stay (and do, in the sister book Robots in Disguise) Rodimus convinces a motley crew of 'bots to join him on the starship Lost Light and search for the ancient Knights of Cybertron. A quest I don't think they've made a lot of headway on to date, but still. A surprisingly fun book, and I may have to pick up another trade next week.

Since last week I mentioned getting that Babylon 5: Legends of the Rangers DVD after not having any; this week I found the fourth season of the series for like four bucks. And Skyfall, which I liked in the theater, and the Bruce Campbell (minor) classic My Name is Bruce, which even came with a tiny copy of the comic we saw a while back.

Probably should've watched some of these while I had some time off; but as usual for October, I'm watching as many horror movies as I can. Watched a lot of Mario Bava films, and the Collection (stupid, but not unwatchable) and just started VHS 2. We'll see how many more I can get in!

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