Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I kinda like this version of She-Thor better...

Reckon it'll be on about a dozen blogs today, but after seeing the news of a new female Thor, I reached for a random old copy of What If? #10 that I had next to my desk! (From 1978, "What If Jane Foster had found--the Hammer of Thor?" Written by Don Glut, art by Rick Hoberg, inks by Dave Hunt.)

I don't know about this one, if for no other reason than "Thor" isn't a title, it's his name. He could be replaced as the God of Thunder or an Avenger, but taking his name seems a little harsh. And I wonder if Angela is taking the gig, since her back story is ludicrous in-story and out! And some Marvel stuff is really great right now (I'm enjoying Nightcrawler, Silver Surfer, and the rest of Warren Ellis's Moon Knight. God, Moon Knight #5 was so good, guys...) other books like Captain America and now Thor seem to be trying that old 90's tack of replacing the titular hero, at least temporarily.

By the way, if you've never read this old What If?, it's gender-politics are probably a bit dated: since Jane gets the hammer instead, Donald Blake doesn't get the chance to become Thor again, and that was apparently his real identity. After Odin proclaims he now has but one son, Loki; and the Warriors Three all try to pick up Thordis, she gets exiled from Asgard. Meanwhile, Sif gets Donald Blake to man up and rescue her from a pretend drowning, but under Odin's proclamation can't tell Don he's really Thor. Meanwhile, Thordis has been in love with Don, but loses him to Sif. She then loses Mjolnir when Odin gives it back to the restored Thor; but Odin makes Jane a goddess...because he's fallen for her. (And was single in that continuity, so it's OK, even if he's old and beardy.)

Still, that cover by John Buscema makes that outfit work.

(This counts as Friday's post, since I'm behind, but wanted to get this out there!)

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SallyP said...

Oooh, I have this! It was a tad on the ridiculous side, but certainly is no sillier than this new idea that of theirs.