Wednesday, July 23, 2014


I don't know that the Blame even has impulse engines, or that Deadpool could tell you that, but he just shouts out orders he's heard on Star Trek and Amy does his best to guess what he had in mind.

I was at a loss as to what Pool could be using to pay aliens to fix his ship, and, well, um, adult material was about the only thing I could think of. Although something else came to mind now, I suppose...

Pool's "captain's chair" is from the Silent Screamers Metropolis: Maria figure. I've actually bought that figure three times! Twice for friends, back when I worked at a store carrying that line, then just recently one for myself.

The consoles and chairs are from Playmates Star Trek: Warp Factor series, from 1998 or thereabouts. The figures are a six-inch scale, or so; but not super-detailed or hugely articulated. The accessories, though, aren't bad.

For most sci-fi TV shows and movies, the bridge of the starship is often the most elaborate and detailed set, since it will be used quite a bit. On the other hand, the bridge of a guest-starring or alien often underdeveloped, since producers rarely want to sink too much into a set that may only be in a couple of scenes. There's an old TNG episode, "The Wounded," where the captain of a ship bigger than the Enterprise appears to be commanding his ship from inside a closet...Off the top of my head, I think "The Last Outpost" and other episodes with the Ferengi used a cheat: their visual communication was tightly focused on the speaker's face, not showing any background! Which makes sense: the Ferengi wanted to appear more intimidating, and the tight focus would restrict giving away any information.

On the other hand, I'm watching an episode of Enterprise, "Proving Ground" (with the awesome Jeffrey Combs guest-starring!) and the Andorians' bridge is pretty well built. No chairs, though...


SallyP said...

That is one fabulous ship you have concocted there. And using earth porn as a form of payment throughout the universe is such a great idea, that I wish they would use it in Nova and Green Lantern!

Dale Bagwell said...

Ahh, paying for stuff with porn. And probably gay porn from the sound of it. Very progressive of you goo. You didn't have to really research that did you? Lol.

Awesome job as usual. What's next?