Thursday, July 10, 2014

Still probably better than the last movies...from either franchise, honestly.

Do other people randomly pick up single issues of mini-series? Well, I certainly do. Like today's book! From 2000, Superman vs. Terminator: Death to the Future #4, written by Alan Grant, art by Steve Pugh.

I'm mildly surprised the above scene didn't occur halfway through the first issue, but there was a side trip to the future and a subplot with Steel to get through as well. This being the last issue of the series, I'm probably missing a bit; but as Lex Luthor plots to steal the Terminators' technology for himself; Superman, Superboy, and Supergirl rally against the Cyborg Superman and the Terminators in the present. John and Sarah Connor are in there too, and so is Lois; but it is mostly the Supes. Steve Pugh's art is pretty suited for the more grotesque aspects of the Cyborg Superman and a female Terminator merging together--which isn't anywhere as dirty as that sentence makes it sound. The Cyborg Superman is one of those villains that probably should've been killed off ages ago--but it's a great visual and he works in a variety of scenarios really well! I know he was a baddie in another inter-company crossover or two...

The book closes with Superman picking John Connor up from a bunker he stashed him for safekeeping--a bunker with a blank sign that probably should've been "Command D." Sarah asks Lois if her husband knows the way she stares at Superman, while Luthor muses that he's known about the Terminators for years, and someday Skynet will be his to command. Well, good luck with that. This one's nowhere near the league of the staggeringly good Miller/Simonson Robocop versus the Terminator, but then again, what is?

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Dale Bagwell said...

Don't remember this one, but it looks decent enough, especially the art.

Never read that Robocop vs. Terminator one either, but I remember you telling me about it.

Looks like Steel was a solid inclusion for obvious reasons, but so would Dr. Magnus and the Metal men...or even The Chief.