Thursday, July 31, 2014

I think there was an announcement a bit ago over which pieces of Star Wars were going to be considered in continuity and which weren't; and I don't remember if Star Wars: the Ewok Adventures made the cut or not. I picked this one up at a pawn shop for maybe a buck, but I haven't watched it yet; not since watching them as a kid in the eighties. I don't remember them as being great, and I know some characters survive the first movie only to die in the opening of the second--shades of Alien 3 there! I'm not sure my son's even watched it yet, since he's big on Lego Star Wars: the Empire Strikes Out, which is admittedly probably more fun.

Since the Youngest is big on Legos now--at least the Star Wars ones, although I got him Lego Batman 2 a bit ago--I thought he might enjoy Toys R Us's free Transformers Kre-O build: a little Grimlock with Optimus Prime rider! I think he enjoyed putting it together, but sadly doesn't have any particular attachment to the character, so it's remained with me.

We looked at one Jim Starlin book that wouldn't fit in the scanner already this week, so today we have Punisher: the Ghosts of Innocents #1, with art by Tom Grindberg and Steve Oliff. During a fairly routine mission, a low-level thug makes an escape that ends up leaving a busload of schoolkids dead, and the Punisher is both wracked with guilt and concussed. He then makes an attempt on the Kingpin that wouldn't be out of place in the last half-hour of an action movie...but this is a two-parter and we all now the Punisher doesn't usually get to finish off the Kingpin, so it doesn't go especially well.

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Vincent said...

Ewok movie for a dollar? Last I knew it was going for 30 to 40 bucks because it's out of print!